Wednesday, December 01, 2004

deliriously happy

i am so excited. i will be going to davao to attend a symposium next week, all expense-paid. at the same time i'll be seing hunny after the symposium. he was excited too. he said he has a gift for me. something-something made of gold. real gold. jewelry perhaps. am not really into gold and jewelry but if it's from hunny anything is ok with me, gold or no gold.

my mom's worried coz my boyfriend is there... just the two of us. but then she has no choice but to let me because it's an official business.

i am sooo happy. somebody slap me.

World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day. This year's theme: Women and AIDS.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

back in the saddle

I am back! I haven't blogged for 3 weeks. Sheesh! I got sick after All Saints Day. The doctor diagnosed that i might have ulcer although i have yet to undergo endoscopy which really freaks me out. Right now i am under medication for the chronic pain in my tummy. I pray it's not something really bad. But really am scared. Even the doctor i consulted with freaked me out. Her outlook was so negative that even my mom freaked out. Oh well...

I just got back from work yesterday. I guess my ulcer can also be attributed to stress... work-related. And now that I'm back i don't know if it will ever get better. I was out for 3 weeks and so i had so much work to do now. Arrrgggh! The trip i was planning to have did not materialize. Dratts! Well, maybe next year...

One good thing about it all was that i lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks! Harhar!

Friday, October 29, 2004

raving about november

I feel happy today despite my lack of sleep. I have been sleeping for less than 5 hours for about a month now. Anyway, it must be because of the long weekend that i feel happy today despite having to rush a lot of work today. I hate being rushed but today i really do not mind. :)

I love November. It's my favorite month! For many reasons:
1. There are 3 holidays in november this year. November 1 - All Saint's Day; 2 - November 15: Eidel Fitr (better check the spelling); 3 - November 29: Bonifacio day (moved from Nov 30 to 29). These are all non-working holidays not to mention they are all mondays! Yipee!

2. Our year-end bonus will also be given in November. Hmmm, am thinking a new cellphone or a trip to the South or....

3. It's me and my hunny's anniversary... 3 years and going strong. I never realised until the other day and i cannot believe we are going on our 4th year together. I must say that the 3rd year is by far the best year we had. Less fights and lotsa lovin'. *wink*wink

4. A trip to Pagudpud. No details yet. I hope it pushes through.

5. It's the month before Christmas. The weather is great. For stome strange reasons the work load is surpisingly lighter in November.

Can't wait till november. Sweet november. (:

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

random somethings

I was at G4 last night waiting for a friend. Got a nasty headache. It was a bit crowded and noisy. (Of course it's a mall, dummy!)It was the noise that's drivin' me crazy. Saw a crowd of hearing-impaired kids doing frantic sign languages. From the looks of it they were having fun. Was a bit envious of them. At least they need not bear this friggin'noise. Oh well...

Dropped by at Mercury Drug to buy my dad's medicines and a pain reliever for my headache. Was contemplating which pain killer to buy. I decided on Anvil. Just wanna try out if it really works fast. My headache is the type that doesn't go well with other meds. For the longest time only Tylenol (2 tabs) cures my headache. But i guess Anvil works fine with me too. I can't believe how expenisve medicines cost now. I bought dad's medicines for the heart which ought to last him at least 2 weeks. I almost fainted when it read, P2,519.00. Tsk! I think I'm getting sicker.

The government is going bonkers. But i will have to reserve my opinion for later. To say the least i am really pissed.